Oksana Grinchak
Honest wellness without any diets



Do you wonder if your metabolism may be damaged from chronic dieting or unusually excessive amounts of stress? Do you struggle to lose weight or feel that maintaining your current weight can only be sustained through dieting? Do you wonder if it’s possible, regardless of your age, to rebuild your biochemistry and create a body that is warm and strong and resilient? Health equates to high metabolism and results in a warm body, good sleep, strong digestion, healthy hair and skin and a positive life outlook. You will begin to experience life just the way you were meant to…

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I am a PhD geek turned financier who knows first hand how stressful living (try working in the markets in London and you’ll see!) can do a number on your body. I am no stranger to hard work, and pulling all-nighters. So I used this very same energy in how I took care of myself while religiously following mainstream healthy advice. Funny how it only led me to a deeper burn-out. I have developed this program for people like you and I - those looking for simple and “honest” ways to take care of yourself and create the state of health that allows to handle demands of your career and everyday life.


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Forget about diets or analysing your food choices and focus on your job, relationships and having fun!

Sounds good?



Working with Oksana has been great. She is full of knowledge and insights. She understood my body and needs deeply and gave me the right path to wellness. I struggled with energy and with losing a few kilos (when you have to loose just 2/3 kg it’s the worst), and she got everything right from the start and gave me what I needed without starving myself or changing my life, which meant being myself but in a healthier version of me. After just a few days my energy started to rise again, I started to feel lighter and my stress levels decreased (I did not know I was actually so stressed). Thank you so much!
— Birgit
My teenage daughter is in professional ballet training. Oksana helped us enormously to balance the demands of her gruelling training to maintain slender physique with the demands of a growing body and a history of low immunity and food sensitivities. Within weeks of working together my daughter felt stronger, warmer, more relaxed, experienced fewer cravings and even began looking more toned. We are very grateful for all the recommendations that help with the current demanding lifestyle without sacrificing future health. Thank you very much!
— Sasha G.
Chrissy and I were talking about our trip and thought you would like to know that we both found your yoga class to be amazing and so peaceful. We felt wonderful after and are still talking about it.. You are pretty awesome. Love you.
- Andrew